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Luiz Felipe Lima da Silveira, PhD

Luiz Felipe Lima da Silveira, PhD

Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Luiz Silveira, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Biology. Before joining WCU in 2019, Luiz earned a BS in Biology (Zoology) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil (2010), a MS in Zoology at the Brazilian National Museum/UFRJ (2013) and a PhD in Ecology at the UFRJ (2018). He worked as a post-doc at the University of Georgia in 2018/19.


Research Interests:

How many beetle species exist? What do they do for a living? How to tell them apart? How do they relate to one another? Where do they live? How did they get about, and where are they going upon current environmental changes? These are the main question driving Dr. Silveira’s research. Special emphasis is placed on fireflies (Lampyridae) and their kin.

I teach courses related to Biodiversity, including Principles of Biology, Systematics, Invertebrates, Arthropods, and Evolution. I like to combine field and lab work with research-based exams, to offer a well-rounded formation to students. My classes always welcome the curious minds of engaged students.

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    Contact Dr. Silveira

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    Sara Rivera

    Sara Rivera

    Curational Assistant
    I am studying the taxonomy of Neotropical fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) using morphological and molecular methods, with an emphasis on predatory species that eat other fireflies! Neotropical fireflies are a traditionally understudied group, so I am excited to contribute to our understanding of these magnificent beetles.
    Brian Byrd, PhD

    Brian Byrd, PhD

    Manager of Mosquito Collection

    Dr. Brian Byrd is a Professor in the Environmental Health Sciences program, College of Health and Human Sciences, Western Carolina University. He received a Bachelor’s degree (Biology) from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, a Master’s of Science in Public Health Parasitology, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his studies at Tulane he was a pre‐doctoral fellow in a CDC funded training program in vector‐borne infectious diseases.

    Research Interests: 

    Include the ecology and epidemiology of domestic vector-borne infectious diseases, invasive mosquito and tick species, and the utility of molecular markers for discriminating closely related or cryptic mosquito species


    Medical Entomology


    First Year Seminar: Virus Hunters Learning Community

    Global Health

    Richards SL, Byrd BD, Breidenbaugh M, Vandock K. Survey of United States Mosquito Control Programs Reveals Opportunities to Improve the Operational Value of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Bottle Bioassays. J Med Entomol. 2022 Sep 14;59(5):1827-1830doi: 10.1093/jme/tjac076. PubMed PMID: 35751624.

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    Ph D, Tulane University

    MSPH, Tulane University

    BA, University of North Carolina at Asheville

    Contact Dr. Byrd

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